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Home Manager

Home Checks & Property Inspections

Dormant Home Inspections

– Interior Inspections + Exterior Inspections

– Check all appliances, plumbing, doors and windows, HVAC operations/settings, automated equipment, alarm systems, electronics/WiFi, lighting, electrical panels and more.

– Inspect exterior patios, decks, landscaping and garden areas, swimming pools and spas, pool houses, walkways, gates, etc.

Every home care check is reported in detail online for your review.

Storm Response

Storm Response

– 24 Hour Emergency Response. (Day or Night)
– Storm Preparation (patio furniture prep, patio umbrellas, patio heaters), Severe weather (Monsoon, Thunderstorms, Winter Freeze), alarm calls, water & fire ER.
– Immediate ER site visit. (Day or Night)
– Landscape ER. (Tree trim and removal)
– Day After Storm Property Checks

Arrival & Departure Care

Arrival & Departure Care

Departure (Dormancy) preparations
Arrival preparations

Combination of seasonal prep + customized care (food preparations: groceries, interior furniture care/prep, exterior furniture care/prep, vehicle care & readiness + more).

Project Management

Project Management

Oversight: Estate Projects

– Budget, Supervision + Execution Support.
– Kitchens, Bathrooms, Patios, Block walls, Roofing, Landscaping, Sewer & Plumbing, Wallpaper/Wallcoverings, and more.

– HVAC Upgrades, Pool Renovations, Hardscape, Interior Upgrades, etc.
– *Renovations + Additions + Interior Modifications.

Seasonal Property Care

Seasonal Property Care

Dormant Home Seasonal Preparation
Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

– Gutters: Inspection + cleaning.
– Smoke & Carbon Detectors: Check operation + batteries replaced.
– HVAC: replace filters, thermostat batteries replaced
– Outdoor Water Service: Opening/Closing water sources (hose bibs, showers, sinks, fountains and shut off valves).
– Outdoor Furniture + Amenities: Cleaning, Winter storing + Spring resetting of all specified house patio, porch and pool furniture. Pictures taken for accurate setup year after year.
– Windows & Window screens: Remove, clean and reinstall all screens, window cleaning.
– Lighting: Interior + exterior light bulb replacement
– Custom Checklists: Based on your special requests. Trampolines, playgrounds, awnings, fire pits, flower pots, interior appliances, BBQ Cleaning, HVAC Systems (Test, Clean and Tune HVAC system) + more.
– Custom Holiday/Season Decor Prep: Set up, tear down & storage.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Oversight

– Meet & Coordinate with Vendors
– Acquire Vendors and Suppliers
– Obtain bids, Receivables and Payables
– Maintain collaborative environment with skilled trades

Vendor & Trade Types

– Plumbing
– Septic and Lift Stations
– Roofing
– Landscaping
– Gardener
– Electrical
– Pool Service
– Water Restoration
– Flooring
– Automation Service
– Utilities – Water, Sewer, Internet, TV
– Housekeeping
– Chef
– Vehicle Detailing
– Mechanic
– Appliance Repair
– Garage Door Repair
– Door and Window Installer
* and more…

Luxury Moving Management

Luxury Moving Management

Relocation and Move Management

We work with your preferred moving vendor to provide management and oversight of moving your household items. Out-of-state or in-state relocation.

– Handle & Pack Your Private/Confidential Items
– Unpack all boxes in new property
– Secure and close out closing property
– Meet all vendors for new property set up (Internet, Security, Utilities, Landscaper, etc.)
– New Home Set Up – unpack, organize, arrange furnishings, etc.
– Relocate vehicles

Luxury Home Management

Property Maintenance Services & Home Checks

Relocation Management-Relocation Support

Vision Dictates The Path


Macho Estates upholds the vision of you, the homeowner. This goes beyond the upkeep, maintenance and management of luxury properties and massive estates.

There is nearly no limit to the assignments that we can help you with, including the upkeep of your real estate and monitoring your property while you are away. Macho Estates Management is here to provide immediate resolutions you can always count on.

The vision of your home dictates the interaction needed for your property.

Macho Estates Property Management Home Care

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Disclaimer: Macho Estates does not manage rental properties or properties with tenants. Macho Estates manages private vacant homes, private winter and summer homes or private second/third/fourth owned homes.

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